Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Are you in ?

Are you fortunate enough to have what your dreams desire ?
Are you dreaming of a meal after a few hours ?

Can you imagine ?
Imagine that for a straight 62 hours
food is not finding it's way into your life.

Water is a vague term for your mind..

There is a lot to wish..
and then there are the unfortunate who have dreams tied to an anchor.
An anchor that defines the very perception of man and buries it to the depth.

It's true you know,
Hunger defines who you are.
Thirst drives your soul..

But maybe you don't know
Maybe you do..
but whatever be the case..
you are not the one with dried tears.

The air conditioner blows into your face whilst -
the girl places her face against your window,
and all that crosses your mind is the ever growing population of our country

Wake up!
we are still human..
still breathing in the air that begs for concern

Live today,
make tomorrow worth for someone.