Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Anthem of the Deaf

I wish I could hear the whisper of the silent man.
I have come across you in this street a hundred times before, but never have you looked at me.
I remember you from my dreams, and I think we were happy, somewhere..

I can swim through this sea of fear knowing that i would die, as long as it is you with whom i lie;
I wish i could see through this haze of craze that weaves a daze
Why would rhythm exploit my thoughts, when all i want is an uneven, and an uninhibited mind.

I can hear screams from where i stand, but, so distant you are, that this scream seems a hush to you. Come close to my world, come sit in my vacuum, this void of surreal definitions where all i can hear is a deep angst of my voice. You cannot grasp what i say, it is far to supreme for your ears. My way of life is not structured. It is not under the obligation of sense, it does what it pleases.. when it pleases. Come step into my world, let me show you the nothingness, yet all that you would never hear within the anthem of peace. It is the anthem of life, the music of the womb, and the deaf rejoice.