Friday, July 31, 2009

Swings of Sugar

I walk down a shallow end;
where no one ever places their sight.

I have a hand and many days there are two;
one of mine and one of thine.

could you take this cup and make it yours;
i tried but failed.

is there anyone ?
anyone to hear a whisper in a crowd.

i scream out loud;
and bring forth my life.

i stand all day and soak myself;
i play with chords of disbelief.

will they never come back ?
the days of yester years..

i pray for the silence in hollow life that we have;
for it is shredding out the pieces of truth.

i have a small image of tomorrow;
you and i, but who else ?

Could you hold our hand today ?
we are here
Praying for tomorrow
and hoping that you will ask us -
"Is there anyone waiting for tomorrow?"

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